My Get Super F**kin Big Stack!

  1. My Get Super F**kin Big Stack!

    Ok here it is I am starting to prepare for my 4th cycle I wanna do 16 weeks this time and I have never gone over 10 so I'm just lookin for any help.
    As of now I came up with
    1-5 dbol 30mg a day
    1-16 test cyp 600mg a week
    1-15 equipoise 600mg a week
    8-16 tren ace 75mg eod

    Pct will include clomid and hcg

    I havee never done a cycle over 10 weeks, I wanna do 16 cause I ran eq before and it seemed like I was coming off right when it showed. Any input you guys would be greatly appreciated.
    One more question I have found ligit hgh and/or igf but they are pricey anyone who has ussed these before is it really worth the price?

  2. Looks good but i would make a few small changes.

    Why not run hcg ON cycle?? Most people dont run it during PCT, maybe 1wk into it and than stop. I would run it wks 3-16 or 17 and than stop.

    I would run the clomid 100/50/50/50 and maybe a lil bit of nolva too, and some type of AI. The tren will be fun, if you havent ran d bol before its a great jumpstart to things.

    The EQ is one my favorites if i am going to run a inj. cycle. It takes a while to really work but once it does you ll know. I would see it working before you start with the tren.

  3. Ok thanks for the input, I was planning on getting some liquidex to run through out, I've ran all the compounds except for dbol and I only ran tren for 5 weeks at the end of my last cycle so I'm really looking forward to this one

  4. dont run hcg in pct, it desensitizes the testes to LH

    run it on cycle starting the 2nd week up until ur last pin
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie



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