Lots of Cutting questions

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    Question Lots of Cutting questions

    I have been reading allot about M4OH but, I never tried it, would this aid in lean mass more than mt1?

    I want a good lean stack with M5AA because I love the strength boost.
    So I am thinking M5aa and what?
    Can I get some suggestions?

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    M1T will bulk you up really quickly but you might drop most of it when you come off and it has bad sides for some.

    M40HN has less sides and adds less mass, but the gains tend to be lean from user reports and stick. However it doesn't work for everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fa2349
    I have been reading allot about M4OH but,
    So I am thinking M5aa and what?
    Can I get some suggestions?
    M5AA + 1test trans. + low dose of 4ad

    Incredible strength, and cutting stack.
    Thats my vote
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