Sus250... Never seen this brand before.

  1. Sus250... Never seen this brand before.

    Well my older brother is going to start a cycle of sus250 that i got him, he is 29 and pretty experienced lifter. Here are some pics of the sus. The smell of it has a sort of peanut smell and he said injection gets sore a day after and is sore for a couple days. The vial even says it contains all the right 4 test's that it should and all of the correct mg's. what do you all think?

    Manufactor name- Probolix
    Item Name- Sustabolix 250

    Also, The vial was not opened and i had to rip off the plastic/metal off the top and it was connected by metal that i had to snap off. Thanks
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  2. Are you sure you had to rip the top off? I have never pinned, but I think some vials are designed so that you use 1 needle to draw the product, then switch needles to inject. Maybe the gear is contaminated or he is not cleaning the injection site.

  3. No you misunderstood, It still has rubber top on it to push needle through, There was a plastic cover over the lid so nothing could get into it

  4. Ah, gotcha. My bad!

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