Do sibutramine (reductil/meridia) and clen combine?

  1. Do sibutramine (reductil/meridia) and clen combine?

    I am advicing my girl to do a long term treatment with sibutramine. For those who do not know what sibutramine is, it is a selective serotonin and noradrenalin reaptake inhibitor, like Efexor, which is not so good as an antidepressant, but manifests great apettite diminishment properties.

    It increases the metabolic rate as well. But in which way? Simpathomimetic? Would it conflict with clenbuterol? She may want to try it for a few weeks, while on sibutramine.

  2. Sibutramine is kinda dirty it sounds like, but probably mostly a-adr, as for the HT effect who knows but it prob. doesn't matter. The clen is mostly b-adr so unless the Meridia is already causing any cardio acceleration by itself, the clen could be tried. But safely! Start low and ramp slow.

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