First Test Cycle Questions

  1. First Test Cycle Questions

    So me and my boy are thinking of doing our first cycles with test, but he's worried about injections. I know, I know. Everyone says do lots of research to gain knowledge, but with all the (sometimes contradicting) stuff out there, I've had a difficult time understanding what is the best for a first cycle.

    Here is what I do know:

    -Test is favored by most for a first cycle
    -You need a PCT following the cycle to help you get your testosterone levels back to normal and also to keep as much of your gains as possible.
    -You shouldn't stack on your first cycle.

    From what I've gathered, a cycle of 300g injected once a week for 10 weeks will help make a difference. But here is where my questions come in...

    How much of a difference does this make? I'm 23, 5'8, 170 and been working out on and off for 3 years. My boy is 23, 5'7, 200 and been working out for 2 years on and off. About how much would we gain should we work out 4-5 times a week and eat well. How much will we lose even after PCT?

  2. i would suggest that you work out more naturally before jumping into a cycle of test. What is your boy's bf %?

    Best first cycle will be a solo run of Test E for 12 weeks usually areoung 500mg/week, 250mg injected twice a week, usually a couple days apart. Like Monday and Friday

    You'll need an AI such as Arimidex throughout the cycle, and if your really worried about getting gyno you can throw in 10-20mg of nolva.

    For your PCT Nolva/Clomid is recommended

    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Clomid 100/100/50/50

    but you need to workout a while longer and acheive a good natural physique before you jump into something like this. Also you need to do a lot more research and you should read up on the side effects.

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