PH's and steroid testing...

  1. PH's and steroid testing...

    Is anyone for certain what ph's will trigger a positive steroid test?

    In particular Im concerned with stano-drol, P-mag and M-LMG oh also how about Dimethazine?

    Further, if anyone knows, if any of them would trigger a positive how long would you have to be off of a ph cycle to be in the clear.

    I did a search most of the threads are old or referance a particular PH. I am concerned with the four I have listed.

    Somewhat urgent, I have been using PH's pretty regularly for the past several years and a company I am looking into working for has just adopted a steroid testing policy. I will facing a drug screen in the next week or so. As a term of employment it is essential that I pass.

    I finished Alpha-1 in December. I have complete cycles planned for the four listed ph's...Obviously I wouldnt want to jeopardize this opportuninty....But dammit I was really looking forawrd to running these cycles.

    Any discussion would be appreciated....

  2. All of them. No telling how long, but I'd bet for an oral cycle most will be out of the system in 4 weeks.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  3. All of them will cause a positive test. Whatever people like to say, these are steroids in your body regardless if they need to convert or are already active. So go big or go home cause you'll piss positive ether way.

    As for your question on how long till you piss clean, I have no idea because I don't get tested. You could always run some IGF-1 and HGH, there's no way to test for those
    To get un-naturally big, you gotta do un-natural things

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy View Post
    All of them. No telling how long, but I'd bet for an oral cycle most will be out of the system in 4 weeks.
    That what's most people say but it could be months also. Not enough research on DS to know for sure. Go with real gear instead.

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Thats what I feared. I guess I ll have to come up with a nice natty stack...Now hopefully I can find someone who will be interested in acquiring my supply.

  6. Bump- Ok...Looks like I will be getting the job, again it is dependant on a drug screen and they have a steroid testing policy... I will be screening this week.

    In april of 2010 I took H-drol
    In July of 2010 I took a spawn clone
    And in December of 2010 I took Alpha One....

    If anyone knows...
    1) how long any of these are likely to be detectable in a urine test or blood test?
    2) what is the legality of it if a test comes back posituve?

  7. It should be out of your system so you're safe. Let me know how it goes.

    Good luck!


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