Optimal GPP steroid/PH stack... recovery, recovery, recovery

  1. Optimal GPP steroid/PH stack... recovery, recovery, recovery

    Looking for some insight on the modern age of PH's and DS's. My training regimen is a GPP(general physical prepardness), fitting my active duty lifestyle. I incorporate heavy strength work, olympic lifts, stamina circuit training and sprinting. Ideally, what I'm trying to achieve, is to be the strongest in both absolute strength and stamina, at the lightest bodyweight possible without sacrificing performance.

    I plan on resticting calories just slightly, maybe by 200-400 calories per day, in hopes to lean out a few more pounds while increasing my GPP. Recovery is pararmount, and is a huge focus of mine so that I can hit it hard with everything I got, more often.

    With that out of the way, here's the primary stack I have been considering for 4-6 weeks-
    PP's 1-T (leftovers... have about 1.5 bottles) - Low dose, maybe 6 mL daily (3/3)
    Protomax - 75mg throughout, possibly 100mg on the last week or two, dependant on results/sides

    Wondering what your thoughts and suggestions are. Have used Epi, HD, 1-T, and AndroHard in the past. I'm anal with PCT, and I go with what most would consider over the top. Nolva at the bare minimum, coupled with DAA/T.Booster/Sustain Alpha/slowly tapered up AI

    Any insight on suggestions on this stack, or the potential of other compounds for GPP performance is greatly appreciated. Props!

  2. One thing I was thinking about was Bold, given it's red blood cell increase properties. But now that it's illegal, considering other options... anything similiar?

  3. If you are looking for good recovery, Max-LMG is the way to go.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    If you are looking for good recovery, Max-LMG is the way to go.
    Isn't that a fairly wet compound however? I'm looking to drop a few pounds while increasing GPP, the main goal... I had thought Max-LMG was more of a bulker and would put on weight fast... am I wrong on that?

    Thanks for the input

  5. I never found it to be all that wet, but I in general eat low sodium and relatively low grain so I don't retain much water on anything. Diet will really dictate mass gained/lost



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