boladrol and S4?

  1. boladrol and S4?

    ok so what do you all think about this I have some (pre ordor) boladrol I want to cycle and I was thinking about trying some SARMS S4 so im thinking about adding S4 to my PCT so that it will kind of be like a cut ,it is about to be summer after all so it would look like this boladrol 4/4/4/4/ and pct nolva 40/40/20/20
    S4/50/50/50/50? but im asking because I dont really know much about S4? will 50mg be tomuch? not enough? is 4 weeks to short to do any good? I need a lil help on this one guys........body 5ft10" 170lb at 8%bf thanks guys

  2. freakin bump

  3. from personal experience, 4mg is way too weak
    6mg or 8mg would be better

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