Dbol Test E Cycle

  1. Dbol Test E Cycle

    ok so i plan on running a test e and dbol to kickstart my cycle

    weeks 1-4 30mgs ed
    weeks 1-10 500mgs 250mgs 2x a week
    nolva 12-17 50/40/30/20/20

    any critiquing would be very helpful

  2. Nolva should be at 40/40/20/20 and I would definitely throw clomid in your pct. And have an AI on hand (aromasin, arimidex etc.) you could even stretch the dbol another week or bump up the dose to 40mg

  3. well from what ive read my test and dbol dosages are relatively low which i wanted because it is my first cycle..so will i even need an AI such as aromasin or armidex or should i have them on hand just in case?

  4. Definitely have one on hand. You may not need it, but being this is your first cycle and dbol and test aromatize into estrogen you may respond badand bloat up or get gyno. So just in case

  5. so now after getting an AI in my cycle it seems to be a pretty good 1st cycle..am i correct?
    i plan on working out 5 days a week and eating like an animal
    my goal is to put on 20 keepable pounds of lean muscle

  6. I would still get clomid and run it at 100/50/50/50 because it brings back hpta function faster. But if you can't get an AI then nolva will be fine to combat gyno on cycle.
    Make sure calories are about 1200-1500 above maintenance. And 15-20lbs is realistic after pct is done.

  7. alright thanks for the help bro

    any other critiques for this cycle or am i good to go?

  8. i planned on running a similar cycle...then my test got held back and it all got **** ****ed. but i did however run the 30mg dbol for 4 weeks, i got one week left. and i love it! this is what my entire cycle looks like

    weeks 1-4 dbol @ 30mg
    weeks 3-12 Test E 500mg EW
    weeks 5-7 SD @ 10/10/15
    weeks 10-12 oral tren @ 500/750/750 mcg.

    yeah...its a cluster ****.

  9. Your 6"1 and 160lbs and going to do a cycle? Id work on your diet before you get into steroids, Also how old are you, whats your diet like etc... Just because you take steroids don't expect gains if you cant gain without them you cant gain with them if your diet isnt in check.

  10. Also didnt you post this up... now your jumping into a cycle...

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    Gaining Weight!!
    ok i have realized that everyone is right nd that i am wrong and that i should wait on taking roids
    i am going eat the right amount of foods and keep up the lifting

    what are some supplements that i could take to gain weight, especially pill like substances because i already have wheybolic and muscle milk

    but what PH or supplements would help me gain weight?

  11. from what ive heard dbol is great..did you put on solid muscle gains or just water weight gains from the dbol so far devlin?

  12. i look a lot fuller, and have put on a good 11lbs with 8 days remaining, which could have been better but my diet as far as carbs/fiber intake is high and my appetite has actually felt supressed as well as pretty bloated, force feeding becomes a must. the muscle gain is noticable, and has been noticed haha. but i feel the superdrol being carb hungry will love my diet, and start to incorporate cardio. and then i will cut it back for the tren to harden up and try to show what ive gained the best i can. all in all it should be a good run.

    i wont name the source, but these 10mg tiny pink triangular things work like a charm strength gains and pump is god like.

  13. sounds good bro hopefully i see the same results when i start

    has there been any acne popping up anywhere on your body because i am very prone to acne and am a little worried about that

  14. Quote Originally Posted by haroldkumar19 View Post
    sounds good bro hopefully i see the same results when i start

    has there been any acne popping up anywhere on your body because i am very prone to acne and am a little worried about that
    chin strap area badley, towards side burn area. and back as well.

  15. yeah thats exactly where i get mine..hopefully proactiv will counter act that

    thanks for all the help bro


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