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What are your opinions on Double Dose Front Loading Vs Ester Bait N' Switch Kicker?

What do you feel is more beneficial?

Simple Test "Double Dose Front Load" protocol example:
(1) Test E/C @ 1000mg @ 500mg BW (Mon/Thurs)
(2-12) Test E/C @ 500 mg @ 250mg BW (Mon/Thurs)
*Speeds the build-up of Test to take advantage of fresh receptors

Simple Test "Ester Bait N' Switch Kicker" protocol example:
(1-3) Test P @ 100mg EOD
(1-12)Test E/C @ 500mg @ 250 mg BW (Mon/Thurs)
*Kick-starts the run with a fast acting ester to take advantage of fresh receptors during initial weeks while long acting esters are building up.

Or even
(1-3) Test P @ 100mg EOD
(1-12)Test E/C @500 mg @ 250mg BW (Mon/Thurs)
(13-14)Test P @ 100mg EOD
*This option takes advantage of the suppression to keep Test levels high while waiting to start PCT two weeks after Test E/C dose.

Let the learning begin!

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