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    ok so last summer i ran a halotest cycle and stoped halfway using my pct its called advanced months later i was thinking about taking the rest of it just because i plan on running a serious cycle soon prob of sus and deca and maybe winny not sure yet on the cycle im running...about 9 days ago i got a 300mlg injection of deca in my arm and i just want to take the rest of the pct so i dont get bad im not trolling i do relize that taking one shot of deca is pointless but i feel that taking it has made me more motivated in the gym and that is alll that matters to should i waite another 5 days to take the pct because i heard deca stays in ur system for 2 weeks...the oct i have is pretty much just testostrone..also will i see gains taking the pct by its self please help

  2. the otc pct you have is NOT testosterone. hahaha, dude. stop taking stuff without researching. this is why the government is all over steroids. there is a thing by this name: SERM. google it.

  3. i no serms nova clomid ive taken them all before..and why comment to tell me useless facts that i already know? and i realize the over the counter post cycle i have isnt test lol.....what i meant to say is that it increases test levels..please some one with knowledge anwser my question?

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