Am i missing anything?

  1. Am i missing anything?

    Getting ready to start my next cycle of ph's. Looking to add 5 - 8 lbs while leaning out. I am 30 and have numerous cycles under my belt. Currently weigh 205 at around 9 or 10 percent bf depending on how i am eating and training and i am 6'2''.

    I want to maximize this next cycle, summer is right around the corner. I recently picked up 2 bottles of SSL (synthetic science labs) halo extreme and 2 bottles of SSL Winn-E Hardcor. Cant find any solid info online on either of these products or the company in general. The owner of the nutrishop i purchased them at stated SSL makes high quality products but remains behind the scenes and does not sell their products online. There's always risk of bunk product, but i took his word for it and am hoping they are solid. Any thoughts on the halo, winn-e stack?

    Here's what i am thinking...

    Fish oil throughout
    pre-load cycle assist for 2 weeks
    stack the halo and winn-e for 6 weeks and dose accordingly to finish both bottles of each

    PCT -
    Research Serm, usually use nolva, but thinking about trying clomid or even toremifene this time for a change.
    Also, going to run testosterone recovery stack from Primordial, i usually run a test booster with reversitol, but again, trying something different this time.

    Just looking for advice, comments, or critique...

    I read these boards all the time, but never post.

  2. TRS + Toremifene will be more than enough for PCT. You won't need to add the reversitol, if anything, add in TCF-1 or another DAA product.

    I don't know the compound in Winn-E and I'm assuming halo is halodrol. Just make sure they aren't both methylated.
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  3. Sorry, should of listed the compounds, the halo is obviously a h-drol clone and the winn-e is 3,2-c pyrazole-5a-androstano-17b-tetrahydropyranol, basically an orstan E clone. DO you think these two will compliment each other well? One the halo is methylated.

  4. That is a fairly tried and proven stack. With your level of experience, I'd say you're good to go!
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  5. Thanks, can't wait to begin. Probably beginning of May.



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