Critique my first Epi cycle

  1. Critique my first Epi cycle

    Hey guys,

    I am looking to run my first cycle of epi soon, I am just getting all the support supps together.

    I have been working out for roughly 3 years.
    Age - 21 y.o.

    I want to do this cycle as safely as I can.
    Safety > money spent.

    Supps taken throughout the entire cycle.
    Orange triad Multi
    Fish oil
    Super Ciuiss

    I am looking at doing it something like this:
    Week 1 - Pre-load hawthorn berry, saw palmetto, milk thistle.
    Week 2 - Same as week 1.
    Week 3 - 10mg Epi 2 scoops AI cycle support, extra B5 for hair loss, extra taurine and potassium for pumps.
    Week 4- 20mg Epi Same supports as week 3.
    Week 5 - 30mg Epi Same supports as week 3
    Week 6 - 30mg Epi Same supports as week 3
    Week 7 - 20mg Tamox 2 scoops AI cycle support (until it lasts than go with the hawthron berry, saw palmeto, milk thistle caps.
    Week 8 - 20mg Tamox 2 Same supports as week 7
    Week 9 - 10mg Tamox 2 Same supports as week 7
    Week 10 - 10mg Tamox 2 Same supports as week 7.

    I have the natural test booster Testopro by AI, Lean Xtreme for cortisol and Erase.
    When should I start taking the LX and should I add the testopro and/or Erase into the PCT and if so when?

    Anything at all that I am leaving out in order to make this as safe a ph cycle as a ph cycle can be?

    Thanks guys.

  2. You have all the stuff, it appears. That's a lo of stuff too. When I run Epi I skip the taurine and potassium unless I need them (I never do).

    I also don't use Tamox - as some say it causes low libido. Torem is the win - no sides, you feel great, raises test, raises libido. I haven't seen a downer to Torem yet.

  3. Start at 30mg bro,10 mg or even 20 is a total waste.

  4. Thanks for the advice guys, I was thinking about going with torem instead of nolva.

    I wanted to start at 10mg because I have never used anything before and just wanted to test out my body.
    Maybe a cycle of -
    Week 1 - 10mg for half and then 20mg for the other half and see how I go and then move onto 30mg in week 2 if everything is going well would be better?

    Cheers guys.

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