2 weeks into P Mag/Furza cycle and want to add oral Winstrol, any ideas?

  1. 2 weeks into P Mag/Furza cycle and want to add oral Winstrol, any ideas?

    I am 2 weeks into a P Mag/Furza cycle and I just got my hands on some Winstrol I've been waiting for. I am running the P Mag at 75mg/day and the Furza at 297mg/day. I have split the dose to once in the am (6am) and once about an hour prior to workout (1:30pm). The goal of the cycle is to add a few pounds of quality lean muscle, and more specifically lean out and harden up in time for memorial day weekend. My diet is on point and I preloaded Cycle Assist and keep up with my multis and fish oil, etc. I have serms on hand just in case and pct lined up. I don't have alot of room in my schedule for cardio and my original plan was for the winny to be the methyl in the stack but it didn't look like it'd come in time to run the seven weeks I had planned for this cycle. Now that I do have it, I'd really like to fit it into this cycle. Anyone have any ideas or advice? Can I adjust the P Mag dose and bring the winny into the cycle, or would the two methyls be to harsh to run together? Can I bridge the P Mag into the winstrol within a 7 week cycle? Thanks for the help fellas!

  2. Anyone? I'm open to any ideas, critiques, recommendations. As of right now I'm thinking I'll just drop the P Mag dose to 50mg/day the Furza to 264 mg/day and add 50mg/day Winstrol for the duration of the cycle. Any thoughts?

  3. Up p mag and furza dosing, leave winny out

  4. Thanks for the input Gymrat! Any particular reason, or just because of the (increased) potential for liver issues with running 2 methyls? What would you up the dose of P Mag & Furza to? I only have enough on hand to run the Furza @ 297 (9 x 33mg)/day and P Mag @ 75 (3 x 25mg)/day if I run for a total of 6 weeks. How do the pros and cons compare in adding the winny to upping the dose of the current cycle? Thanks in advance for your advice!

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