blood pressure on cycle

  1. blood pressure on cycle

    so im almost 2 weeks into my first cycle, running 50 of halovar w/cycle assist. iv felt alright, but a little foggy at times. not sure how normal or not normal that is. anyways, i took my blood pressure just now using a small blood pressure thing i got. i took it three times and averaged them, came out to 135/70. is that too high? i smoke cigs which im sure doesnt help anything. just want to make sure that everything seems normal on that front. thanks in advance

  2. My blood pressure is usually around 128/60-132/65 varies, happens while on cycle, maybe get some hawthorne to help with a bit, or some CoQ10, Whichever you decide throw some fish oils as well.

  3. I had horrible blood pressure on mdrol. 10 days in my Cycle and the nurse took my blood pressure 8 different times because she couldn't believe how high it was. The average outcome was 151/81 and I was taking cycle assist and extra Hawthorne. I think you should be fine but just keep checking it from time to time

  4. cool sounds good. i picked up some extra hawthorne today to take when i feel my bp is rising

  5. what kind of blood pressure device do you have, and where did you get it? i was looking into getting one, thanks.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by lurker44 View Post
    cool sounds good. i picked up some extra hawthorne today to take when i feel my bp is rising
    Make sure you're getting hawthorne extract, and not just the whole berry. I've read where the whole berry isn't nearly concentrated enough to affect BP. I typically take at least 1g hawthorn extract split in two doses ed while on a cycle like epi or hdrol, and that seems to keep mine in check. However, I'm also on a beta-blocker, so I'm sure that helps.

    Celery seed extract works well for BP, too. Just make sure you get the 85% 3nb.

  7. Hawthorn berry
    Celery seeds



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