Cutting at the End of Cycle (4 weeks)...Winny, Katanadrol, or other PH/DS?

  1. Cutting at the End of Cycle (4 weeks)...Winny, Katanadrol, or other PH/DS?

    Ok so i was wondering. I am on week 12 of my cycle which looks like this:

    wk 1 - 10: Test E @ 500mg/wk
    wk 11 - 16: Test E @ 750mg/wk
    Wk 1 - 4: Dbol 20/30/50/50
    Wk 11 - 16: Tren A @ 100mg EOD
    wk 6 - 16: HCG 250iu 2x wk
    Wk 6 - 18: Aromasin 12.5mg EOD

    Pct will be Post cycle therapy, unleashed, hcgenrate, ghrp-6, cjc-1293, and then after pct OSTA Sarms.

    My Question is, i was going to throw in some Winny for like 4 - 5 wks at the end but funds are running low ( i got everything else already ^^^). and i dont want to order overseas.

    So i want to know if Katanadrol would be a good alternative? or maybe some other PH/DS that you guys recommend? Thanks

  2. BUMP!


  3. if you dose it high enough. Run the bottle out in 3wks and you should be cool. For the test Id go 600 the whole time and would start the tren after the d bol ends. And start the sarm wk 3 of PCT to really hold on to the changes.

    The osta will treat you well but i think it needs to be front loaded. Dont worry about the winny, if your taking the SARM you should be fine and ive read guys losing inches off their waist and still gaining weight.

    PCT id just go with post cycle/unleashed and Clomid/Nolva and the sarm. Save that HCGen, its hard to come by since it sells out in a day and the other two.

    The way you have things looks good but if it was me id make this changes.

  4. the k drol isnt going to be the same as winny if you dose the sh!t out of it but it will still work at a high dose and its a non meth so your liver wont taking a beating either.

  5. Cool man, Thanks... And Nolva can not be mixed with a 19-nor compund. and i thought clomid was kinda old school which is why i was doing the pct this way.

    And you really think i should hold out on the HCGen? i have only two bottles and was planning on using it from week 1 of pct till i run out, so like two months.

    If you had a choice between winny and Katana, but the winny was about Double the price but you will still have more winny for maybe another 4 - 6 weeks. What would you do?



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