M5AA and Tri or clen

  1. M5AA and Tri or clen

    This is my first post!!
    I am currently doing a 2week on 2 week PCT 2week on M1T--I am in the second half of M1t in this cycle and am going to add on M5aa for 3 weeks post m1t-- ( I am cutting at the same time and thought about adding trimax, clen, or both) any suggestions? thanks and I look forward to learning much from this board
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  2. I would not take trimax while only on M5AA, you will definitely burn some muscle. And stacking trimax with clen makes it even more effective. I'd wait & run trimax with something more anabolic than M5AA. You could run clen with the m5AA without any problems though.

  3. I would go on PCT after finishing the second 1/2 of the M1T part. Your test is totally suppressed and I think you would see negative gains on m5aa (stay suppressed and not gain anything).

    need a stronger anabolic for tri-max.

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