Sorry i dont know what im really talking about so please bear with me.. im very new to this...

    ok so im intrested in trying Deca a dude from the gym does it but he doesnt seem so smart in what hes saying so im really scared about it.. This will be my first time doing this..

    so this is whats hes offering me deca and test 250.. he said to take it once a week for 12 weeks.. but im lost i tried to research this and theres so much people say that i really dont know what it all means all the lingo that they use im lost.. PCT whats that.. idk maybe this is not for me but i would really appreciate some help/advice thanks..

    Another thing im pretty swole but dont want to look like the hulk either will this help me lose weight too or im i just looking in the wrong direction..

    weight 195
    target weight 180

  2. so, you dont know what a PCT is? you obviously havn't done much research. you should do quite a bit more before jumping into injectables, especially considering you want to LOSE weight and not gain it.

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