M1T Progress

  1. M1T Progress

    Since so many guys seem wonder about M1T I though that I would post up my progress as I go. The measurements are exactly 7 days apart. They are without flexing and before working out.

    ............Left Bi..........Right Bi..........Chest
    July 4 ...16.25"...........16.5"..... .......47.75"
    July 11..17.25"...........17.5".... ........48.0"

    I have gained 10lbs, but I think that most of it is water. The impressive thing is that I have added an inch to my bi's in one week! I'm just hoping that I can keep it there. I have not noticed really any strength gains.

    Okay guys, don't hammer me for being a fat ass. I tried to make the pictures as similar as possible, but it didn't work. The goal was to take a picture in the same spot at the same time every week. Unfortunately I was not available at the week mark so the pictures are after 12 days. I also trimmed the body hair up and am a little tanner.

    The first one is July 2 and the second one July 14.

    I'll try and continue to post my progress

  2. If you gained 10 pounds in a week most of it is water.I just finished a cycle that included m1,4ad,and I jumped from 231 to 243 in 10 days.Now I'm a week and a half into pct and am already down to 235.

  3. That's kind of what I figured. 10lbs in a week is a lot of weight.

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