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    double post sorry about that
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  2. [QUOTE=Ironchef]Wondering how people like m5aa and how many have tried it, feel free to tell about your expereinces on it. For me it really gets me pumped up before a work out, at 30-40 mgs pre work out. (2-3 days per week)

  3. I took 20 mg pre-workout for a month and loved it.I'm getting ready to buy about 10 grams from custom.

  4. I've been taking it at 40mg PWO and it does get me pumped and I feel stronger. Not sure how much of it is placebo. Also, I'm 28 days into my first S1+ cycle, so I'm sure alot of the strength gains can be attributed to that.

  5. Tried it, nothing for me. Been off it for over a week, and i'm not any less focus in the gym.

    But then again, ALCAR is suppose to be a good focus too, and i get zilch from 2g of that as well.

    I'm just somebody that never seems to get any sort of mental response.

  6. I feel that it might have a slight effect if taken before a workout but I feel it was mostly placebo for me. I did however have decent strength increases with it at 60mg's on w/o days but nothing like 5aa cyp or m-1-t.

  7. it was decent at 20mg's excellent at 40mg's..

  8. fair pre-workout boost @20mg, but no physical changes noticed.

  9. I think you need at least 30 mg. pre-workout and an additional 20-30 throughout the day to really feel it.
  10. powerlifter6920
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    Did anyone have any joint problems from this????

  11. i just started it and the preworkout effects are nothing to special.. i actually like alcar +ephedra better but oh well.. its only been a few days but i can at least feel it now.. ill report on how the cycle is going

  12. M5 is good stuff IMO. No bad side effects and I feel a huge difference in the gym off 20mgs preworkout.

  13. I feel left out....I have stockpile of the stuff and am not in a place to use it just yet.

  14. You can sell some to me, I love the stuff. I have found that 40mgs omega from custom, one and one half hours prior to work out works well for me. So those who have treid it with little response try giving it some time to kick in. If im not mistaken it converst to dht, or methyl dht, wich powerlifters used to take "back in the day" for added agression and endurance. Does any one know what the anabolic that closly resembles this compund would be? Provion or masteron?

  15. 100mg each day for 2-4 weeks puts on some serious stregnth gains and hardens me up quite nicely. I do this in the last weeks of my cutting cycle....

  16. Quote Originally Posted by nsruffryder34
    100mg each day for 2-4 weeks puts on some serious stregnth gains and hardens me up quite nicely. I do this in the last weeks of my cutting cycle....
    At that high of a dosage do you notice any sides? I am currently taking 40mg/day and I have no sides to report. I have pondered into bumping up to 60mg/day on training days only.. How did you take your 100mg/day? Evenly spaced through the day?

  17. I took 40mg in the morning (Pre WO) then 30mg in the afternoon and 30 mg in the evening..... Only sides were oily skin, some acne on my back and a little bit of hairloss (but I am prone to MPB)...

  18. I ran 20mgs 3 x a day and loved it. Strength went up big time.

  19. NO MERCY-->how long did you run it @ 60mg? I'm thinking of the same thing...did you get more vascular/lower bodyfat too? What kind of PCT?

  20. I ran 60mgs for 3 weeks. I dropped a good deal of fat and maintained muscle mass (from what the caliperes tell me). Strength increases were also solid. PCT was nolva.

  21. I had same experience as No Mercy, but at 20mg preworkout (I'm now sitting at 180lbs., No Mercy is much bigger) 6oxo for pct, 2 weeks post cycle ... libido is dead but that's ok, I look fabulous.

  22. libido is over-rated, but hey I'm married

  23. im going to start bumping up my dosage to 60mg a day and ill report on the upped dosage..

    im keeping a log but i think ill post all at once or maybe halfway through about my cycle.. so far so goood but im curious to see what will happen with an increased dose.. i just wanted to start slow.. and ramp up

  24. So no one liked the intranasal version ?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by pu12en12g
    So no one liked the intranasal version ?
    What intranasal version? In-Rage? That was 5aa, not methylated.


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