Do PH"s make bones grow???

  1. Do PH"s make bones grow???

    I was recently in the hospital and one of the nurses said the bones under my eyebrows grew in between the time I had two seizures (they run in my family) and my gf is also a nurse said the same thing). I was on sd and tren ( i know it was dumb but I was told I would never have another). I started low dose mini cycle after the first one.

    Is there any info on sd making bones grow or change structure? I've looked and haven't found sh!t, but I'm really wondering.

    I always though HGH was the only thing that caused that?

    Ive ran oral tren and am 90% sure it's not that but am wondering about the sd?

    Any info ?? Aside from telling me I'm a retard

  2. Ntbm guys???

  3. wow, interesting , yeah id like to know about this too, reps where you at

  4. Steroids are used in the medical field for bone growth. You can read up on traditional AAS effects on bone growth as they have more studies done on them...

    The PH/DS of today... not so much lol. I'm sure if these Pros and Designers were studied like traditional AAS were, some would show significant bone growth properties. And by significant I only mean P<.01 type of significant not take this and your bones will grow like crazy.

    Testosterone is known to extenuate facial features in males such as jaw bone and cheek bones so it's not too much of a stretch to say most steroids which mimic testosterone will have some of this effect as well. The greatest effect of facial structure change is seen during puberty where the body starts pouring out strong amounts of testosterone for the first time.

    I doubt short term use would lead to such effects, but I'm also sure taking large amounts of steroids will lead to greater bone structure changes. Taking 20mg of SD will mimic taking a butt load of testosterone in certain aspects and quite possibly the facial structure change aspect. It is impossible to answer your question though but there is definitely a relationship between steroids and facial structure which might have something to do with it.

    On a more personal level, I took Epiotren (spawn basically) when I was 19 and quite a few of my friends and family kept telling me my face looked way different. This was only in a months time frame lol.

  5. Interesting

  6. Same thing for me. I'm 26 but look like I'm 19 so idk if I m completely matured?


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