Epi/Fura Stack or Test Prop/Masteron Stack

  1. Epi/Fura Stack or Test Prop/Masteron Stack

    I am going to be finishing a 12 week Test Cyp run, 600mg a week, in a few weeks and I want to go into a hardening/LBM recomp stack. I know both Epi/Fura and Prop/Mast are good for this, my questions is which one would be recommended?

    Obviously there are pros and cons to each, such as pinning vs not pinning, cost, availability, etc, but I just want to do the most effective thing for a summer stack. Thoughts, suggestions, comments? I am always trying to learn.

  2. Well you ve already been on for 12 wks. How many more do u want go? 16. 18. 20 ?

    I would go into pct or just run the orals for 4 more wks. Please tell me you ve been on hcg? If not go into pct ASAP. Otherwise the orals at a high dose would b what I'd do.

    How r your boys downstairs doing ? Are they still producing sperm? Your really getting serious after being ON for 12 wks. Are you trying to prep for a show?

  3. Boys are fine, still producing sperm and all that. I am not prepping for a show, just trying to get cut up for the summer, I live close to the beach.

    I may cut the Test cyp cycle short instead of going a full 12, just go 10 and start Epi/Fura for 4 weeks, followed by PCT. I have clomid and liquidex on hand already, but no HCG.

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