Sleep problems with such a low dose X-tren/epi?

  1. Sleep problems with such a low dose X-tren/epi?

    Since I take X-tren 30mg and Epi 20mg I have trouble fall asleep and sleep the hole night. Is this just a coincidence or could the pills be the cause?

  2. Its the pills, forgot the exact reason. But Ive been having this same issue with SD, and ive only been pulsing..Always for the first 2 days of the pulse , those days are a wash.Well except when im at the gym, its the best stuff on earth .

  3. It's normal. Your hormones are off kilter so you'll have problems sleeping throughout your entire cycle. Try NTBM's Need2Sleep. That stuff puts me down pretty good.

  4. It's a direct side effect of the X-tren ( dienolone ). They say it goes away in about a week or two. But in my experience with it ( I'll never use dienolone again due to that and gyno sides), you just get used to not sleeping very well.
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  5. its the tren bro. I had the same issues. Use NTBM need to sleep, it will help out. And the 5-HTP will help with hunger cravings late a night



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