Please help design 2nd cycle from gear I have

  1. Please help design 2nd cycle from gear I have

    Hi, first time post. 2nd cycle.

    I am 32, 5'10" 175, 15%bf. Hair loss prone (as I found out from my test cycle)

    Was 250 (40% bf) two years ago and through keto and IF I went down to 155 (skinny fat) and then been training for two years. Pretty decent strength gains on 5x5, But LBM been plateauing since my 1st cycle. I know that mostly it is because I was afraid to gain fat back (I was a ****ing TUB) and was all low carb with not enough calories. low cal as I have been wishing to get leaner and stronger at the same time. Duh. 2200 cals. 3 day a week heavy lifts.

    Six months ago I ran a test prop for 10 weeks. PCT nolva/clomid/dex, gained 19, kept 10. Nothing to write home about. Wanted to do another test but....

    SO now I want to run another cycle to get more meat and then I will lean out more. I will deff up the calories to 3500 - 4000. Yet I feel a little kick will help me not be afraid to just gain fat again.

    I wanted to do sustanon 250 / week for 12

    This brings me to my new "acquisitions". The stuff is free. My boy used it for his cycles before. He did a few. injectable and with orals. But he is in the army and is getting shipped overseas. So I got a gift. Please tell me if you think I can make something out of it. It is all oral. My liver and blood pressure and cardiovascular health is superb and I don't want to use all of it, but would love to use some of it..

    Anavar 25mg x 100
    T-bol 10mg x 200
    Dbol 10mg x 20
    Anadrol 50mg x 20
    Winny 10mg x 20

    Have Nolva/arimidex/letrozole/clomid/ tribulus*

    I also now have finasteride (propecia)

    I will have* Milk Thistle/Silymarin, ALA, Liv-52

    Thinking to do an 8 week anavar/tbol cycle as thats what my buddy bought those for

    Do I need/want dbol/anadrol/winny anywhere in there? to kickstart maybe? What about hair? Kinda concern... My skin has always been good, even on test prop.

    Also now I work in a drug addiction treatment center, so I can not balloon up right away in two months... So I was thinking to completely skip those (dbol/anadrol) and just blame everything on drinking a gallon of milk a day.. I've been talking about that with everyone here for a while (GOMAD) and keep trying to sell the idea that I will gain a lot of weight and meat using just milk.. which I probably still could. with or without this cycle or sustanon or some other test

    Thank you

  2. are you asking if you should use d-bol to "kickstart" an 8 week anavar/t-bol cycle?

    that's a bit extreme dude. t-bol by itself would be a great cycle, but not for 8 weeks. thats a LONG time to be taking orals.

    you would however get huge weight and strength gains if you took dbol and anavar/t-bol lol. (please dont do this, i am sincerely joking)

  3. At the dosing I'd suggest running the var, you only have 25-30 days worth (80-100mg/day). 40 days with the tbol (50mg). Barely a week on dbol. Same with the adrol and winni.

    If anything, the var/tbol combo but your proposed dosing for the timeline will be rather low so I wouldn't expect much in the way of gains.

    Can you get more gear?

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