currently on 600 mg/wk test, 600 mg/wk tren e, and 50-75 mg/day dbol (workout days only with dbol)

When I come off cycle I will go back to TRT @ 250 mg test every 10 days, would like to add something in with that to help stay lean. Last cruise I used 20 mg/day turinabol the first 6 wks out of the 12 wks I was between cycles, it was ok nothing spectacular. Actually considering some supplements possibly, this androhard or androlean from primordial, you guys like it aright? I've been hitting it hard too long, I need a good break. My last cruise ended up being a cycle I think, 400 mg/wk EQ, 20mg/day turinabol, and my TRT dose. I'm open to suggestions, thanks