Best Cut/Strenght Stack

  1. Best Cut/Strenght Stack


    I have had several cycles with PH's like T1 and adro. And severl with Methlt T1. I was wondering what do you guys think the perfect stack would be for cutting. But, I would still like to keep my strenght. I hate to say it I seemed to get better results with PH T1 and oral adro but, I am wanting something stronger. Any suggests are welcome.

  2. Some people on this board like to cut w/ M4OHN, run a search on it.

    I would not cut on M1T, except for a few special circumstances, most people only run it 2 weeks at a time which is very short for cutting, and I think it lends itself best to adding mass.

    Take a look at 1-test also.

  3. 1-test and m4ohn.I'm thinking about 3-alpha ,m4ohn if I do a cutting cycle.I'm gonna try and cut natural first,but if I start losing too much muscle I'll have to throw a cycle in.

  4. I had good results cutting with M4OHN & 1-test. But M5AA may suit you better if you are concerned with strength, maybe stack with 1-test.

  5. any comments on PH or meth?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by pooh_mole
    any comments on PH or meth?

  7. 'PH's like T1' 'adro' 'Methlt T1' ?? Were you formerly using the username pooh?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pooh_mole
    any comments on PH or meth?
    That could be the single most irritating post I have ever read on here...

  9. 5aa cyp at 600mgs a week will do you right.


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