Fura vs h drol

  1. Fura vs h drol

    Just for more info, h drol cuts right? Abd puts on more muscle then fura a both cut bf% for fura a to work you would need to up the dose to 200/200/250/250/300/350/

    So will fura a be just as harsh as h drol on these does ? Will they both cut the same bf%?


  2. Any1? Please

  3. Dude you gotta search man...just the other day you posted questions about hdrol..if not on these forums search google..

    The answers are there..

    It depends on ur diet..

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  4. Bro i know about the diet abd stuff but you say look on google theres barly no forms on solo fura a and if does at that will it be as harsh as h drol it dont say.... But thanks

  5. man I'm having a hard time understanding your posts, can you find someone who speaks english to type out your questions?

  6. Im text talking my bad

  7. if the dose of 50/75 is for the Hdrol, that would be a good dose. Never ran fura so can't tell you if that correct.

  8. Thanks man i have p mag on the shelf but dont know if i should run it or h drol as h drol curs bodyfat

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Pika View Post
    Thanks man i have p mag on the shelf but dont know if i should run it or h drol as h drol curs bodyfat
    Cutting is more dependant on your diet than your choice of supps. Yuo can maximize your efforts and get the most out of your cycle by getting a diet planned out that matches with your goals and supps.

  10. you would be better off staking the furuza with the hdrol 200 would be fine for that but it all depends? first cycle I am assuming?

  11. Hey guys, sorry for the late reply, and yh first cycle how can ya tell haa..... my diet is this...

    7am 100g oats with 30g whey

    10am 2 slices brown toast , 4 eggs 50g of penut butter

    1pm pasta and tunna

    3 gym till 420pm shak

    Hour after) steak with veg

    8 2 chicken fiilets with veg

    10 penut butter with 30g of whey

    Thats so far but i should start changin right? Lool


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