Hey all,
Ive just started running GHRP - 6 at 250mcg split into two shots one in the morning upon rising, and the other after my second session in the afternoon.

Now im in the Military and seeking to get to higher more elite levels within the military. Im allready resonably fit im 181cm tall 92kg body weight with 8-9% body fat the only supplement i take is one scoop of protein powder in the afternoon after training and a multivitamin in the morning.

Now im taking GHRP - 6 to try and rehab some injuries, but i was also wondering how it is going to effect my fitness in terms of my ability to train. Will it allow me to train more and harder?

Also the side effects of decreased libido and **** like that, what bad effects does it have?

Just to note to Body builders who may reply, all respect to you guys and what you do, but im not trying to get massive, i just want to be as fit and injury free as i can be.

Any feedback is welcome!