boldenone base

  1. boldenone base

    boldenone base is in a liquid/oil phase or powder in room tempreture!!!

    i have some and its powder, but most says its liquid at room temp!!

  2. bold base is powder at room temp. EQ is liquid.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    bold base is powder at room temp. EQ is liquid.
    thanx for help

  4. no problem

  5. Anybody have a recipe for this stuff that they have tried? I 'know someone' that has some.

  6. You can make a transdermal with the base.... works rather well...

  7. Never tried trans derm, I hear is smells, can allow 'bad stuff' to creep into your body. Like having a huge open wound (as far as for potential infection).

    I have thought about doing trans D - but I would rather see if there is a recipe for an injectible bold base that someone had made and used. I find it easy to practice sterile techniques when it comes to brewing and shooting my own gear.

  8. Bold base isnt good for injectables because it would need to be injected at least once a day, probably more....

    The transdermal works great and there is no smell..... just get a bottle or two of T-Gel and put the powder in the gel...... simple and it works great......
    Now I wonder if that someone you know would be willing to part with some of that bold. base?

  9. as far as infections, I have never heard of that happening from a transdermal and the smell might be from using DMSO but with tgel you don't have to use it

  10. I know some bro's who loved bold base. As long as you don't mind the frequent injections it's a great compound and you don't have to wait 5 weeks to see the effects.

  11. Most of my cycle have been with short estered gear. I always start out with the idea of ED injections when I do Test Prop / Tren - end up going EOD after about 5-6 weeks. Gearing up ED is just part of it, sometimes.

    No recipes???? Anyone????

  12. any base doesn't have an ester attached it has a half life in the hours not days... so you have to inject 2/day or more.. tren acetate is what you injected, so it has a half life of about 3 days if my memory doesn't fail me

  13. Correct....that is why it would be better to use the base in a transdermal...tahts about all it is good for unlees you make a intranasal cyclodextrin formula...but that wouldnt be good for this compound...

  14. Doesn't transdermal method only allow for 25 - 40% absorbtion?

    So, one would end up wasting upwards to 3/4 of the gear - so one either has a cycle that is 1/4 as long, only 1/4 the blood levels, or purchase four times the amount of gear.

    Additionally, dbol has a serum half-life in the range of hours - and there have been many guys who have "experimented" with one dose/day up to (so I heard) forty doses / day. There was no reported differences in the results.

    I would like a recipe, I might just have to create one myself. It could well be that this "recipe" will work IM, or SubQ - any of you that have taken SubQ injections know that they are painless and VERY easy. I could do one of those an hour - easy as taking a pill.

    More than that, there is a bunch of Bold Base available out there - there has to be something to do with this.......

    This is just my opinion - subject to change based on reality. One way or another, this will happen and the results will be posted. Could be that trans-d is the best way to go, but I would rather form an opinion based on observable facts, rather than conjecture.


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