Why Billy Has Breasts: Estrogen Story

  1. Why Billy Has Breasts: Estrogen Story

    Why Billy has Breasts: The Story of Estrogen
    A Biochemical Over-View of Estrogen
    By Grendel (From FreakyMuscle)

    Meet poor Billy. Billy stands over 6 feet tall and
    weighs around 270 pounds. Billy was born a healthy
    normal man, but now Billy has an exciting career as an
    exotic dancer thanks to his use of steroids without
    anti-estrogens. To understand what happened to poor
    Billy lets examine estrogen and its relationship to
    male use of anabolic steroids.

    Estrogens regulate the growth, differentiation, and
    functioning of diverse target tissues, both within and
    outside of the reproductive system. Most of the
    actions of estrogens appear to be exerted via the
    estrogen receptor (ER) of target cells, an
    intracellular receptor that is a member of a large
    super family of proteins that function as
    ligand-activated transcription factors, regulating the
    synthesis of specific RNAs and proteins. This process
    is almost identical to the action by which anabolic
    steroids effect protein synthesis.

    Estrogen is also a steroid hormone, although not used
    for athletic enhancement. However, estrogen plays a
    key role in the use of AAS. Certain steroids, at high
    enough dosages, can convert via the enzyme aromatase
    into other hormones; in the case of testosterone-based
    steroids this other hormone is usually estrogen.
    Steroids with a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) base are not
    subject to aromatization; as a metabolite of
    testosterone its structure is not affected by the
    aromatase. Steroids with 17-alkylated structures
    generally convert into weaker estrogens. Some
    steroids, such as nandrolone (deca-durabolin) or
    trenbolone (parabolan, or in most people's cases
    Finaplex) convert into progesterone.

    High dosages of steroids for prolonged periods also
    shut down the body's natural production of certain
    hormones (particularly testosterone) when steroid
    therapy is stopped the body attempts to establish
    homeostasis by adjusting hormonal levels. The average
    ratio of testosterone to estrogen in a healthy male is
    100:1. When drugs increase the testosterone in the
    body, the body will respond by increasing the estrogen
    in the body. Additionally, estrogen circulates in the
    body bound to the protein SHBG (sex hormone binding
    globulin) as does the testosterone. SHBG is produced
    in the liver and use of steroids increases the
    production of this protein; which has a very high
    receptor affinity for testosterone. With more SHBG in
    the body, more testosterone is bound, becoming
    inactive as only free testosterone can activate an
    androgen receptor. SHBG, however, has poorer receptor
    affinity for estrogen and more active free estrogen
    circulates in the body, further altering the hormonal
    balance. These effects of steroids (i.e. the potential
    for conversion into estrogen, as well as the
    disruption of the hormonal balance in the body) can
    cause serious side effects in male users Thus, steroid
    users seek ways to block this estrogen from affecting

    That is all a very nice and formal way of saying that
    you need to be taking anti-estrogens when you are
    using steroids. See, without the anti-estrogens you
    get all sorts of pleasant side effects, not limited to
    a nice pair of breasts (with oh -so tender nipples)
    and extra body fat! Without anti-estrogens you will
    end up like poor Bobby, shaking his titties in the
    face of wealthy Japanese businessmen. No, seriously,
    this article will explore how to effectively use
    anti-estrogens to prevent many of the side effects
    that accompany anabolic steroid usage.

    The Drugs Are Your Friends
    Oral clomiphene citrate (Clomid) is an ovulation
    stimulant used to treat ovulatory failure in women.
    Oral tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex) belongs to a class
    of antineoplastics called antiestrogens. It is used to
    treat breast cancer. Body builders use both of these
    drugs. Why on earth would they do that? The answer is
    that both of these drugs are anti-estrogens. The term
    anti-estrogen is a little inaccurate. This class of
    pharmaceutical does not engage in some sort of
    matter/anti-matter reaction, annihilating estrogen in
    a blinding burst of anabolic goodness. Rather, let us
    think of the classical anti-estrogen drugs (such as
    nolvadex and clomid) as estrogen receptor antagonists
    (ERA). These ERAs are chemicals that are close enough
    in structure to estrogen to fit into the estrogen
    receptor site; however these chemicals do not have the
    same chemical effect as estrogen. The result is that
    any estrogen produced by the body or exogenous
    estrogen cannot find an open receptor site to attach
    to. The free-floating estrogen then presents far less
    problems to homeostasis.

    There is a lot of conflict over using nolvadex, clomid
    and other ERAs. The regulation of estrogen-induced
    cellular effects is a multi-step molecular process.
    The diversity of estrogen and anti-estrogen effects on
    cellular functions is also modulated by tissue and
    gene specificity. This diversity of reaction may be
    explained by different levels of molecular regulation,
    including the presence of two distinct estrogen
    receptor isoforms (ER alpha and ER beta), their
    binding to activator or co-repressor transcriptional
    proteins, and their affinity to different DNA binding
    domains of target genes (estrogen responsive element
    or API). These mechanisms may account for the specific
    responses to estrogens or anti-estrogens according to
    tissue, cell or gene level. Therefore, in English, a
    drug like nolvadex, which targets breast tissues, is
    going to do a better job of preventing gynocomastia
    than is clomid. However clomid has the benefit of
    boosting the levels of follicle stimulating hormone,
    which helps restore the bodies natural testosterone
    levels and protects against testicular atrophy. It
    also increases ejaculatory capacity; by the way, so
    it's best to be considerate to those you care about
    (or those you employ, I suppose). That was my public
    service message for the month, by the way. I imagine
    that this is has something to do with LSH and FSH
    production in the body triggering the production of
    more semen, but I am not sure. Ask Bill Roberts over
    at the mighty TOSSED-OFF-TERONE.NET, or better yet,
    contact Greg Zulak c/o MuscleMag.

    Many people stop using their ERA drugs when they end
    the cycle. That is a terrible idea. Clomid, as we have
    already discussed, helps immensely with your recovery
    processes. But remember, there is almost always an
    estrogen backlash to having been using testosterone
    drugs for so long. Therefore, many symptoms of high
    estrogen levels appear after the cycle. I would
    continue to use both Clomid and Nolvadex for up to 3
    weeks after the last of the drugs have left your body.
    Remember, if on Friday you take 500 mg of a longer
    acting drug like Sustanon, then don't consider the
    following few weeks are truly off time. That is why it
    is important to know how long the drugs are effective
    in your body and yet another reason to switch to
    faster acting drugs in the last few weeks of a cycle.

    Effective dosages of these two drugs are debated. I
    would recommend that the two drugs be used together,
    Nolvadex at 20 mg per day, and clomid at 50 mg per
    day. If Nolvadex is used by itself, 20-40 mg are
    sufficient. 50-100 mg of clomid can be used if clomid
    is the only ERA drug. Clomid should be used for two
    weeks after the last steroid injection to help return
    your body to its natural hormonal state. Nolvadex and
    Clomid are mildly expensive, but very available
    because they are not scheduled drugs and can be
    legally imported. Check the Anabolic Extreme Forum for
    the email address of one Mr. SBC who can help obtain
    these vital drugs.

    There is a second class of drug used to combat
    estrogen side effects from what is grandly called
    steroid therapy; there are aromatase inhibitors. As
    mentioned previously in this article, the body can
    convert testosterone into estrogen using the enzyme
    aromatase. This second group of drugs, which I will
    call the inhibitors, prevents this process from
    occurring at all. This class of medication is
    generally only prescribed for severe conditions and is
    generally more expensive then any of the ERA.

    Teslac, (testolactone), has fallen out of favor for
    several reasons. First of all, almost one gram daily
    is needed to achieve sufficient estrogen synthesis
    inhibition. This makes this a very expensive drug to
    use. Also, it is currently a scheduled drug because it
    is a testosterone derivate. Cytadren
    (aminoglutethimide) is a better choice, requiring
    dosages of between 250-500 mg per day to suppress
    estrogen synthesis. 250mg cytadren doesn't cause
    significant desmolase inhibition, so there would still
    be cortisol and other steroids, while estrogen is
    minimized! Cytadren is used therapeutically to combat
    Cushing's syndrome because it also interferes with the
    body's ability to synthesis cortisol. Sounds like fun,
    huh…no cortisol, no estrogen. What a fantastic
    environment. Tell that to Andreas Munzer! Cytadren can
    cause cysts as well as effect things like blood
    clotting. It is reported that Munzer used 1-2g(! of
    cytadren/day! Therefore cytadren use should be done
    with precision. Arimidex (anastrozole) is a drug
    designed to combat second stage breast cancer. It is
    an extremely potent drug; one pill per day is
    sufficient to almost entirely inhibit estrogen in the
    body. However, the draw back is that this one pill per
    day can cost you around ten dollars.

    The final conclusion about inhibitors is that these
    are far more powerful drugs then the ERA. All the
    drugs listed above effect a much wider hormonal spread
    then the anti-estrogens and they are also going to
    cost you a lot more. Of all the drugs mentioned, I
    think that arimidex is the most useful drug for the
    body builder. Duchaine helped promote cytadren,
    particularly because of its anti-catabolic ability to
    suppress cortisol. But, even he acknowledged the
    double-edged sword that this drug was. Too little
    cortisol is painful to the joints and in the end,
    extremely dangerous. I would not recommend the use of
    cytadren, but I have provided the moderate dosage
    schemes. The bottom line: These are not drugs to pop
    like M&Ms.

    The Argument Against Our Little Friends:
    But these drugs decrease your gains right? Damn it. I
    hate hearing that phrase clutched to…you guessed
    it…peoples' breast like a mantra. First of all, there
    is no way of telling what your gains would have been
    like without nolvadex or clomid. The scientific
    evidence that gave rise to this whole dispute (which I
    believe Duchaine had a hand in too) is that in
    addition to its anti-estrogenic action requiring
    estrogen receptors (ER) and leading to growth arrest
    of breast cancers, studies have previously shown that
    the anti-hormone tamoxifen (nolvadex) is able to block
    EGF, insulin and IGF-I mitogenic activities in total
    absence of estrogens. Thus the excessive use of
    anti-estrogens will actually result in a loss of some
    of the most anabolic of hormones (insulin and
    insulin-like growth factor 1). Steroid antagonists can
    inhibit not only the action of agonist ligands of the
    receptors they are binding to, but can also modulate
    the action of growth factors by decreasing their
    receptor concentrations or altering their

    Translation: Yes, you are probably compromising your
    anabolic state by using ERA. But does that mean they
    shouldn't be used? No. I have heard statements so
    ridiculous as "Don't use anti-estrogens, they cut into
    your gains and cost too much. Just get surgery".
    Lovely, just ****ing brilliant. Sure, like surgery
    isn't going to cut into your workouts or your gains.
    If you are swayed by the logic of just getting the
    surgery, I have a recommendation. Go get a pair of
    kitchen scissors. Ok, now, pull down your pants
    exposing your atrophied testicles suspended in your
    pimpled scrotum. Place the base of the scrotum
    in-between the scissor blades and apply extreme force.
    Thank you, you have helped the human race by ensuring
    you cannot procreate and pass on your inferior
    genetics…if you already have children please place
    them in a sack and toss them into a lake to drown.

    I hope this article has proved helpful to you. If only
    poor Billy had spent those extra dollars on some
    Nolvadex, then perhaps he would not be the top billing
    at the local titty bar. This article may have gotten a
    little heavy at times with the technical jargon, and I
    apologize for that. Certainly, its not as much fun as
    discussing getting huge or getting ripped so you can
    get laid. But this an important topic if you are going
    to responsibly use steroids. I do not think that
    anyone should take their first shot or pill before
    they have secured enough ERA and/or inhibitors. All
    you have to do is look at almost any message board to
    see a desperate plea for Nolvadex or clomid from
    someone who is mid-cycle and has started to feel the
    begins of a lump under his nipple. The telltale tumor,
    you got to love it, huh Ronnie Coleman. There are
    always those people who claim to never get any
    problems no matter how much they take, that's great.
    There are also people who get gyno from
    androstenediol. I wouldn't want to find out I was a
    member of the second group and not have the
    appropriate drugs on hand. How do you know if you are
    going to be effected? You really can't know until you
    have some experience with heavy androgens. If you were
    over-weight as a child (many men experience some
    degree of gyno in puberty) you have a higher risk. But
    the bottom line is that no one should begin a cycle
    without having these drugs nearby. Surgery is not a
    viable alternative to anti-estrogens.

  2. *presses breast agaisnt glass* oooooh biiiilly!

  3. Now, YJ.. Are you stating that I once danced in a said "titty bar", and that's why this article is in my honour?

    Thanks, brother!

    Mine are real, can't touch... Seriously, I plan to have more ERA's than research products, so I should be good..

  4. Can't wait to see the after school special.

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