Most comprehensive OTC pct for h drol

  1. Most comprehensive OTC pct for h drol

    From past experiences with h drol - would this be the best OTC route.

    Reversitol (original)
    Lean extreme

    What would you change add or subtract or tweak.

    Thoughts, I am doing a report on these products.

    Thanks everyone.

  2. Your gonna need to give us a little more info. How long are you running the cycle? Are you taking support supps throughout? How many times have to taken PH's? Which PH's have you used? How old are you?
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  3. You dont need a comprehensive OTC PCT for H-drol. The one you outlined looks great. Theres only about 35 pages of H-drol PCT info on Google if you need more.

    Neither Your age nor PH experience matters..the PCT is the same. Take good supporting supps. For H-drol, AI Cycle Assist or Cel's Cycle Assist will be just fine.

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