Cutting epi cycle short. Arom x for pct

  1. Cutting epi cycle short. Arom x for pct

    I was running and epi cycle at 40mgs a day I'm now dropping dose to 20 a day. And then I will b running arom x, tribulus, zma. And vitam c post cycle. Will this be sufficient I had a problem with clomid. It was expired so now I'm doing this for safety. What do u guys think? might at 6oxo its only been two weeks should i just keep running it and hope that my order will be in on time? but i doubt it will.

  2. Keep the epi at 40. There is no reason to drop.

  3. Should I cut it short cuz I don't have a serm

  4. How long have you been running it? How long were you planning on running it?

    The Arom-x you have, is it the new Arom-x with 7,8 benzoflavone and resveratrol in it? Or is it the old version that has atd? The newer arom-x would be fine, it sounds similar to sustain alpha which I will be running for PCT for an epi cycle this summer. I would also add tcf-1 by primordial performance and maybe some toco.

  5. Sorry I just re-read your first post. How expired is it?

    If the arom-x you are referring to is the new version I think you will be fine. Just throw some DAA(tcf-1) in there and I think you will be fine.



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