Test tbol proviron cycle

  1. Test tbol proviron cycle

    Taking test e 500mg week tbol and proviron what all on cycle therapy and Pct should I run? 10 weeks on the test btw

  2. I also have oral nolva but I think that won't be enough.

  3. Also will be taking p5p and milk thistle. Wondering if hcg or clomid will be needed

  4. Typing all this from iPhone that's why I'm makin it short and sweet lol sorry for the lack of details

  5. Proviron with Test E is a good mix I think personally. Proviron will bind to SHBG which may in theory free up more test to attach to receptors.

    500mg of TE a week isn't too bad so nolvadex and clomid maybe enough to help fully recover after 10 weeks of cycling. Would start pct about a week before last TE inject though and run 2 weeks after.



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