Anyone hear of Pacific RIM Labs?

  1. Anyone hear of Pacific RIM Labs?

    I got 4, 10ml vials of EQ from pacific rim labs. 200mg/ml. Anyone ever hear of this lab? I've posted this question on other discussion boards with no responses. Want to know if it is legit before I stick myself. Thanks.

  2. i havent heard of it

  3. nope, sorry

  4. I've heard of them. They suppose to be pretty good.

  5. Should be. Some guys on another board are liking their stuff.

  6. check you pm

  7. i've heard good things as well.

  8. they are good to go bro

  9. and they usually make their injectables over-strength 5-10% and over filled 11 plus ml

  10. He's a good guy, but a llittle too pricey for me


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