Test 400 cycle

  1. Test 400 cycle

    Thinking about doing a cycle of Fight Labs Test 400 with Estro-test as a PCT.
    Does anyone have any experience with this ph?

    I'd add cycle assist but beside that should I purchase anything else?

    And also I'm fairly new to ph's so how should I dose the Test?

    Thanks, Kyle

  2. Tren, ATD and oxyguno.. Truth I've never really heard of fightlabs and don't know how reputable they really are. That is far from test, But I dont think an OTC pct would be good for that, you will need a s.e.r.m Torem should work well.

  3. I just shake my head at this ****

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MarBaSxx View Post
    I just shake my head at this ****
    shake it up and down saying yes

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