Would a SERM show up on a police department drug test?

  1. Would a SERM show up on a police department drug test?

    Im currently applying for several police departments in texas and im curious to whether the SERM "Toremifine" will show up on the drug test during the application process? I havent started it yet and i dont know if i should. Im on a 6 week H-drol cycle right now. Also during the polygraph do yall think it will disqualify me? Ive also taken clenbuterol before 2 years ago..

  2. No, Torem will not show up on a drug test. They only test for illicit drugs such as THC, Amphetamines, Methampetamines, Opiates, Heroin, Barbituates, MDMA, LSD, etc. Though, if you take your entrance physical's blood work too close to your cycle your hormones could be out of wack and that could bring up issues. Usually not suspected for drug use, but question your current health etc. I would def wait till awhile and get blood work done to check if all is good before starting your app process.

    As far as the polygraph goes... It's hard to say if it will disqualify you. They may not even ask about steroid use, but most def will ask about drug use in general. Normally, getting caught in a lie with it is a big no no for them. Rule of thumb from everyone I know in law enforcement and federal agencies is to be honest... this is what they are looking for the most. Since Hdrol is not illegal, if you answer yes to it's use, you should be ok. Depends really on how competitive the position is you are applying for e.g. if it's between you and another equally qualified candidate and they are clean (which is the only thing separating you two) they will likely go with them.

    Yes, poly's are not 100% accurate and yes they can be beat. HOWEVER, I would not advise going that route. It takes some serious training and most what you find on the internet is false. And as I said, if you are caught in lies or trying to beat it that will disqualify you. It is also fairly common for them to ask during the poly if you know how to beat it.

    (fyi... I do have experience w/ them which is why I am commenting for you, and no it's not from the criminal side..lol)

    Do you know anyone in law enforcement, that you trust to be open with? If so, talk to them. They'll be the best resource for you.
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  3. Thanks for the information. I know a couple guys in law enforcement, but they dont know anything about prohormones or if its bad. My friend told me to just tell them the truth and say i bought the prohormones over the counter. But if they ask if ive taken any illegal drugs im not sure if i should say ive taken Toremifine? I might just take an over the counter PCT instead just to be safe.

  4. Be honest but don't be to honest. Example- If they ask have you ever used drugs you say yes. They ask what drug, you say cannabis. They ask how many time have you used cannabis, you say under 10 and over 5 years ago.

    Not all departments are the same but most want to hear you haven't used drugs in 5 years and you only experimented. Some police dept are starting to test for anabolic steroids but it's a case by case test since it's pretty expensive. I've never taken anabolic roids but I've been counseled about possible use by my chief and forced to watch a documentary on steroids in law enforcement.

    Ps I "dated" a polygraph examiner for a short period of time and she showed me some cool tricks but they didn't have anything to do with passing a polygraph, lol. She did hook me up and test me for fun a few times and I passed even tho I lied when she asked if I was in a relationship.

  5. Another example of a pre employment polygraph question.

    Have you ever stolen from work.

    Answer, yes.

    What did you steal?

    Answer, office supplies. (do not mention the laptop you took from IT)

    Next question, Have you ever stolen from work, other then office supplies.

    Answer, no

    See, it's that easy this won't work for a criminal investigation, only a pre employment polygraph.

    Have you ever lied to your mother?


    About what?

    Having my first beer (or maybe say curfew)

    I can go on all day lol hope I helped!


  6. Shoot I forgot about our resident cop here.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by CopyCat View Post
    Shoot I forgot about our resident cop here.
    I don't know what you're talking about, um I drive a garbage truck

  8. A common question asks whether or not you have ever abused or used any medication (prescription or non-prescription) for any purpose beyond the compound's stated use.

    Just to give you a heads-up so it doesn't catch you off-guard.


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