Ill start out by giving the details:

Height - 6'5"
Weight - 333;bs
BF% - Too High
Age - 23

This will be my second cycle. First cycle was Havoc when I was 21.5. I was an idiot and didn't take any kind of PCT, retained most of my strength though, no gyno. I am going to try and do it right this time.

- Transform EPI - 30/40/50/60/70(If I feel good)
- AN RPM - 5 caps before each lifting workout (20 caps/wk)
- AI Life Support - 2 caps 2 times per day
- ON Whey - 3 shakes per day (Breakfast 48g, Post Workout 48g, Pre-Bed 72g)
- Dextrose - 50g Post Workout
- Taurine - 4-6g per day
- Primaforce ZMA - 3 caps 1 hour before bed

Extra Support/Health Sups
- Silymarin - 600mg per day
- Hawthorn Berry - 550mg per day
- Celery Seed - 450mg per day
- Elastamine Joint Support
- BCAA's (L-L 1100mg, L-I 550mg, L-V 550mg)
- Fish Oil

- Post Cycle Support
- Nolvadex? - 30/30/30
- Silymarin - 300mg per day
- Primaforce ZMA - 3 caps 1 hour before bed

50% Protein, 40% Carbs, 10% Fat

Goal in 6 weeks
Drop weight or stay the same. Gain Strength. Gain Mass (NOT FAT).

I will be officially starting this log Monday, April 11, 2011. I will shoot before pics, during pics, and after pics. Will also post up gains in strength once a week.

PLEASE post comments, questions, hostile remarks, opinions, ect!!! I want feedback before I officially start and all of the way through!