Why would anyone buy Omega M5 over DS M5aa?

  1. Why would anyone buy Omega M5 over DS M5aa?

    With the DS you get 11 grams for 28 bucks, with the Omega you get less then a gram for 20 dollars. Am I doing my math wrong?

    Omega 45 caps, 20mgs per cap 20 dollars
    Designer 100 caps, 110mgs per cap 28 bucks

  2. I think you have that wrong, the designer methyl 5aa tabs are only 10mg a piece, so the Omega M5 comes out cheaper..... Both companies are board supporters......

  3. Also you can buy the Omega M5 powder for $3.00 a gram....
  4. Flip a coin..

    Both are board supporters and awesome companies. Flip a coin, and next time use the other company.

  5. Oh 110mgs must be a typo on the store.

  6. Yes that is exactly what happened, I planned on running out of everything in the last week of June, in hopes of starting to release some of the PBE products. I am tabbing 5kgs worth of M5AA so I will be having a huge sale on it starting this weekend. As well as adding a small amount 100mg tabs of Methyl-4ad and 30mgs caps of Methyl-14ADD.


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