By willk

I just wanted to say a little bit about site injections. Seems a lot of body builders are using this technique in hopes of bringing up weaker body parts, or to swell the show off muscles like the bi's.

Well, I'm here to tell you that site injecting in hopes for increased size in that muscle maybe pointless unless you are using ester free gear.

The temporary swelling that occurs from drugs like sustanon are not going to result in permanent size.

What you are actually doing is increasing the risk of getting an infection in a site like bi, tri, or calves. You don't want an infection there; it may lead to a hole in your muscle after the infection is removed.

So how can it work? It's simple, once I explain the ester.

The esterified steroids you inject are useless at binding to the receptor until the ester is removed. Once the ester is removed the steroid is now active (can bind). What does this have to do with site injections? EVERYTHING.

The place where 98% of the esters will be removed is in the blood stream. 2% in the muscle cell. The enzymes, which remove the esters, are found in the blood stream.

So when you inject a drug like deca, it has to be taken from the injection site, into the blood stream where the ester is removed making it active, USEFUL to the growth process.

So, when the gear is active, it's in the blood stream, now every muscle has as good chance in using (binding) the steroid. The steroid will bind with the androgen receptor, making a hormone-receptor complex, then enters the cell nucleus, where it binds to DNA, and activating specific genes. (you grow)

How do we increase the muscle at the site injection, that lagging calf, or weak tri's it's very simple.

Want the answer? It's ester free gear.

If the ester is already not present, then the steroid can bind directly with the androgen receptor of that muscle, giving that muscle the first crack at it. This will help to bring up those muscles that are having a harder time binding.

Types of drugs to use. Winstrol injectable, Testosterone Suspension, Liquid Anadrol, Injectable Dbol........

One myth is that if you use oral (ester free) steroids with DMSO over the muscle in question it will increase that muscle's size, and that muscle will get first crack at the steroid. This is not going to happen. DMSO releases the drug into the blood stream, then the drug gets distributed from the blood stream, and every muscle has the same chance of using the steroid.

Orals are ester free, dbol, anadrol, etc... You can crush the tablets in sterile water, sterilize the whole mixture, and administer. Please don't do this unless someone very knowledgeable is with you to show you how to do it! This practice is dangerous, and can do more then cause infection. There can be serious sides when going with site injections with oral/liquids.

Be safe. remember to study an anatomy chart well before ever injecting. injecting in areas other than the buttocks increases risks of many factors. be careful, and make sure you know what you are doing before injecting. seek out a medical doctor or someone who can help you if you do not have the proper injection procedures understood.

This is a highly debatable issue. this is only my opinion based on 'self study.' I thought I would post it and see what people thought.