Timing of Halodrol

  1. Timing of Halodrol

    So I've been searching forums but can't find this addressed..
    I'm on a cycle of H-Drol, which is reported to have a half-life around 12 hours, some people even say as high as 16. I've been dosing it at 8 am and 8 pm, but somedays my evening lift is around 6:30-7:00. Would it be more beneficial to have my second dose pre-workout or just wait until 8? Or does it really not matter that much?

  2. I would say It does not matter much, I was told to take your largest dose in the morning. (just some advice I got when I did a cycle ) For instance when taking 75 mgs take 50 in the morn and then 25 in the evening. This is what I did...Hope that helps.

  3. I take 1 in the morning upon arising at 6-7am and 1 about an hour before training at 5-6pm. This method has always worked well for me. When I bumped it up to 3 caps/day, I toke 1 mid-day.

  4. Sorry, took. Toke is a little incriminating : )

  5. Yea take the second one about an hour before workout. It will benefit you more than taking it after
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