Typical 1-AD cycle?

  1. Typical 1-AD cycle?


  2. Id go with ergopharm if I were you. It was the first, and the best 1ad.

  3. Why 1-ad? The dose needed for solid gains is relatively high due to the need to convert. A 1-test/4AD transdermal at 50/50 will put some good solid mass on ya.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Souphtc
    What would be a typical 1-AD cycle for mass only? Also if you guys could suggest what name brands for each 1-AD due to your experiences that would be great. If possible could you use some format like this: Weeks 1-2 1-AD xxxmg(or tabs) etc. Appreciate all the help guys....almost ready to start buying for my cycle.
    Have you thought about a 1-test/4-ad transdermal. 1-ad is ok for a first cycle, but you should stack 4-ad with it to combat the sides. But for reasons of economics I personally would choose the 1-test/4-ad transdermal any day over 1-ad. More bang for your buck.

  5. MB, ya beat me to it

  6. 1-Test can still be pretty tough for a first cycle. It is in fact an anabolic steroid. But if uve done some PH cycles before go with a 1-test/4-ad combo.

    As for 1-AD id say go:

    week1: 3 caps a day
    week2: 4 caps a day
    week3: 6 caps a day

    Then take 3 weeks off, still workout ect. 6-OXO PCT will be fine for 1-AD.


    M1T Will put some SERIOUSE mass on ya boday

    It is a POTENT ANABOLIC STEROID. Only legal for a short time for small loopholes.


    Back pumps(Lots of potassium/arginine to stop)
    Raised BP(Hawthorne Berry)
    Stress to liver(Milk Thistle/R-ALA/Vit C)
    Lowered appetite
    Lethargy(Stack with 4-ad)

    Now let me tell u my personal experiences: I used 10mg ed for week 1, and 15mg ed for week 2. I gained 15 pounds of fairly lean mass. I was very happy, bench jumped like crazy along with other lifts. Went from 225x8 - 260x8. I was lucky, got no sides except lowered appetite. I stopped my cycle short one week due to a bit of discomfort around my liver area. Or so I thought, im going to the doctor tomorrow, but I have a feeling its something else, like my appendix, because its not near my liver rlly. Anyway i cant say, but I have heard some abd stories about liver values shooting through the roof on m1t. So if u do a cycle and experience a little pain, be safe, and just cut ur cycle short.

    With M1T get some hawthorne berry (6 bucks) to keep blood pressure low. Get Milk Thistle for Liver support. Get some R-ALA and/or Vitamin C(Lots of orange juice) for liver as well. PCT, u need Nolva.

    A 3 week gradual cycle:
    Week1: 5mg
    Week2: 10mg
    Week3: 15-20mg

    Popular 2on2off cycles:
    Week1: 5-10mg
    Week2: 15-20mg
    Pct 2 weeks, Nolva 40/20
    Week5: 10mg
    Week6: 15-20mg
    Pct 2 more weeks, Nolva, 40/20

    So anyway, if u want anymore info, just ask man, and goodluck. Lots of protein water vitamins ect. And run any liver protectants u have full fledged during pct times.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Souphtc
    Well what would be the typical stack for a 1-Test/4-AD cycle? I'm not sure about transdermals as I had some prescription Test gel prescribed to me that I never used. I pulled it out one day and thought hmmm...(it wasn't expired). I tried it for training and found it did nothing for me. Maybe the dosages weren't high enough but after that I just never like the whole trans route. I'm still open for ideas and suggestions though. I think I asked this already about 2 weeks ago but I'm trying to bulk and looking for around 10-20lbs. I know that shooting a little high but I havent done a PH cycle in like 2 years so I know my gains would be pretty good. I'm even open to M1T but I'm concerned about the sides. Thanks again for the help guys.
    I agree transdermals are a pain but they are much better than a non-methlyated oral cycle. Your best bet for setting up a good transdermal is the "Build your own transdermal" at powernutrition.net. I suggest 5 grams of 1-test and 5 grams of 4-ad just as MB suggested. That will definately put some bulk on you provided your diet is in order without overwhelming you with sides.

    BTW, I don't agree with 6oxo being OK for ANY cycle. Get nolva, its much cheaper and proven to work. You need it in case of gyno during a cycle anyway, so have some for PCT as well...IMO.

    With a transdermal, go 6 weeks. If you do choose the 1-ad oral route, run that 4 weeks.


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