4 weeks of halotest-25 & Gaspari Viridex

  1. 4 weeks of halotest-25 & Gaspari Viridex

    Any thoughts on taking Viridex after 4 weeks of being on halotest. I'm dosing 50/50/50/50 o Halotest.

  2. IMO viridex is not a pct product, nor has anyone used it yet as PCT product... unless you want to be the 1st get and get bloods done pre and post cycle?

  3. I took Applied Nutriceuticals Free Test for PCT after taking Boladrol for 5 weeks. Seemed to work pretty good, kept the gains, and even felt stronger. This Viridex seems to be the same as the Free Test. I think I'm going to give it a shot.

  4. that is a very poor choice for PCT, especially for boladrol.

    test boosters are not PCT products. SERMs are best, and to a lesser extent AIs.

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