Recommendations on first inj. cycle ?

  1. Recommendations on first inj. cycle ?

    Ok so I've done 3 cycles, in this order: Hdrol, Mdrol, Mrdol/Pplex bridge... Now i feel it's time to move on to "the real stuff." I'm looking for some recommendations for a first injectable cycle- i've read tons about test and also have read about how dbol is on the cheaper end which would definitely be a plus. I'm looking to gain a ton of size for this cycle, possibly kick-starting with something like mdrol? I've read so many damn possible cycle combinations that it feels almost impossible just to PICK one randomly.

  2. im on my first cycle now, omnadren only, 12 week. most peeps will tell you to go with test e or test p i think. i ordered test e but received omnadren so it is what it is.

  3. you're going to love it man, the feeling on test can not be described, I love it (sounding like an addict!)

    I'd just go with test cyp because it lasts long enough you only need 1 or 2 shots a week but it goes away quickly enough that you don't have to wait a month for PCT and then still have some trace test in your system interfering.

    so I say:

    test cyp 1-11 @500
    HCG 1-11 250-400iu a week (be sure to get this)
    mdrol 20mg a day for the first four weeks or 10mg a day for 6 weeks
    if you're feeling ballsy you can throw some deca in there at 300-400mg a week.

    be warned though, the new orals like mdrol are MUCH stronger than test. so it will feel like your gains are slowing but what happens is test is so easy on your system you can run it much longer so you make gains slower but your cycles can be longer.

    be sure to have nolva on hand in case you get gyno and some letro or arimidex also in case you get bloated/puffy.

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