1-test cyp injectable anyone tried???

  1. Question 1-test cyp injectable anyone tried???

    Is here a person who has tried this (1-test cyp injectable ) himself?
    Because of the reason i had problems with it I started to do some readings and found already several other people with the same problems after injecting this. A verry sore and swollen injectionsite, it looks like an abcess but when i went to the doc and used his prescribed antibiotics it didn't went better. I went to the hospital instead where they did a "radio-scan" same as for pregnant women. They didn't find a thing, only an infection/irritation of the whole upperglute.
    Now I'me wondering if this could be the 1-test cyp i ordered from....
    If there are other story's out ther I really would like to here them.
    regards to all of you

  2. i, and from what i have read - many other people, have used a 1-test cyp injectable with NO problems whatsoever.

    did you prepare the solution yourself (from powder) or buy a premade? you didn't state.

    i have done the former (prepared one from powder) and it is 100% painless, and problem free. as have others.

    i can't speak for the premades, but i have heard others who have used them with no problems

  3. JJJD
    how much did you gain?
    how long did you run for?
    mgs per week?

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