Bro's need an answer to a question....

  1. Bro's need an answer to a question....

    All right here is the backround. Currently I am training in a PT style format using Stew Smith's Maxfit book along side Ross's Underground guide to warrior fitness. In addition i am eating a diet of lean meats, fish, vegs, fruit and nuts. Now I am taking 20mgs of m4ohn, 12mgs AM, 8mg pm, 40mgs of Nolva, and 1 cap of trimax. Now heres the question. Can any of these increase cardio endurance? I was wondering because I just smoked my run tonight by DOUBLE the distance. And it's only my third running session in two weeks. I admit that I have dropped about 20lbs in 7 weeks, so that has to help, but double the distance? And I run trails, not street. So it's up hills and over ****. What does everyone think?

    PS If this is the wrong forum then can a MOD move it for me? Thanks

  2. Thanks MattD. But I didn't lose 20lbs in the four days between runs. Any veridct on the three prods I mentioned?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by LCSULLA
    Thanks MattD. But I didn't lose 20lbs in the four days between runs. Any veridct on the three prods I mentioned?
    OHN is good for strength increases. Don't know if that would directly affect cardio so dramatically though.

  4. I'll tell you right now the **** your taking has nothing to do with this. Trimax will only hurt your cardio/lifting, nolva has nothing to do with it, and ohn is very, very mild to make any dramatic changes in anything IMHO. I'm at 40mg's ed and it hasen't done a single thing for me but cost me more money. The only thing that I could think of is that your body is getting used to a different diet and not carrying as much weight around.

  5. Or it could be a combination of the weight loss and you 'feeling' better. I know the better I feel mentally
    the better I perform in cardio exercises.

  6. PT style training and PH's

    My guess would be since you do trails the muscles get stronger from the PH's and that is probably what is helping you out the most.sorta like a sprinter. As for me when I was in going through my PT days and on PH's I think it hindered me more than helped as far as my cardio. Now for my bench and pushups they went way up with the ph's but I think I was more easily winded.

  7. Thanks again everyone.

    I might be a knucklehead in the making
    Or I can't read

  8. Nah I think I can read really well.. but I know now who I won't be giving any comments to


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