hdrol?pmag?mlmg?pmag?trenazone ? what to use?

  1. hdrol?pmag?mlmg?pmag?trenazone ? what to use?

    hey guys i have been reading about everyday damn ph there is and i get more and more confused as to whats better then the other lol. so for those of you who have done em whats the best for putting on lean muscle/hardening/strength. im trying to cut to around 6%bf , im prolly at about 10-11% now. 6'2 195lbs.i wont do the cycle for another month or 2 just wanna stock up in case they ban some of these. i have gyno issues that seem to flare so i will prolly run vitex(for prolactin) as well as erase or maybe formestane on cycle? i have heard good things about trenazone, m-lmg,p-mag, epistane/havoc, i have a bottle of cel hdrol(wasnt sure if it is right for my goals) and 45 epistane pills left.....i heard furuza and p stanz arent very effective cost/side effect wise.i hated superdrol it gave me the gyno/****ty feeling tho i did gain like 15lbs. i also heard formestane great for controlling gyno along with the vitex. ideas???????

  2. somebody must have some prior use/knowledge of some of these. the mlmg and tren sounds really promising for hardening/strength but i heard they should not be ran standalone because they could shut u down

  3. anyone?

  4. Based on your goals, I could see you running a 6 week Katanadrol cycle, Furuza, along with Epi maybe or a transdermal 11-oxo (this is easy to make). It is expensive but worth it. Epi can be ran straight as well though it is a methyl and the sides will be there, especially if you run it past 4 weeks. Anything wet is out unless you run formestane on cycle. Be honest about what you are willing to spend and throw out a few cycle ideas.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  5. well i was thinking maybe havoc 50,50,50,75,75,75 either by itself or with tren,stanadrol, or something else. i am going to run formestane on cycle about 4 sprays a day. pct is dependent upon how strong a cycle but probablly torem 60,60,30,30 and erase 2-3 caps a day along with testopro 4 caps a day. cycle support 2 weeks before and throughout the cycle.



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