Manipulating Natural Test Production
By Superfrk

One of the biggest problems faced in the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids are the effects it has on our natural production of testosterone. The good news is that there are ways that we can minimize these effects as well as returning natural function of the HTPA as fast as possible.

The Hypothalamic/Pituitary/Testicular Axis (HPTA)
To understand how natural test production is shut down we need to understand how it is made and how it is regulated. The HTPA first receives signals from the various hormones, it then decides weather or not more sex hormones are needed, if hormone levels are high then it will decides that little or no sex hormones are needed.
The hypothalamus does not actually produce any sex hormones; instead it produces LHRH (luteinizing releasing hormone.) This is sent as a signal to the pituitary gland
The pituitary gland then uses the LHRH to decide how much LH (luteinizing hormone) it needs to make. This is then sent as a message to the testes.
Once the LH gets to the testes it then signals the testicles to produce testosterone.

Now that we know how the HTPA works, lets take a look at how we can manipulate it.
When on a heavy cycle the HTPA will slow or stop production of test. While we cannot stop the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland from shutting down we can manipulate the testes into still producing test. LH is one of the very few hormones in the body that does not have a feed back mechanism. What I mean by this is that as long as LH is present the testes will continue to produce natural test.
Armidex and HCG have been both shown to mimic LH, by using armidex and HCG through out the cycle, (.5 - 1mg of armidex ed and 500 - 700ui of HCG ed) we can maintain or increase natural levels of test, even while on a heavy cycle. This will give us better gains and also help keep the testes from a state of atrophy. This will make it easier to restart the HTPA as well as keeping the girl friend happy.
Jumpstarting the HTPA
Since HCG, does not help restart the HTPA, we will discontinue its use and replace it with clomid. Armidex and clomid work very well together at fastly restoring the HTPA, remember speed is the name of the game, the faster we can restart the HTPA the more gains we will keep. I suggest frontloading the Clomid so that we can peak concentrations as fast as possible. Use 100mg of clomid for the first week with .5 - 1mg of armidex, then drop the dose down to 50mg of clomid for the next 2 weeks, you do not need the armidex for these last 2 weeks because a little bit of estrogen is actually good for proper function of the HTPA.
This is my modern approach to the gains keeper formula; I hope you find it of
Good use in your future endeavors- Superfrk