Kilo Sports Oxanavar

  1. Kilo Sports Oxanavar

    I am a newbie when it comes to weight lifting. I have been doing the p90x program on and off for the last year. I am 6'0 weighing in at 180.

    I wanted to speed up the process. I recently acquired "Kilo Sports Oxanavar", and was wondering if anyone knew what else to take with this or any known side effects.

    I am also on adderall which I plan on talking to my doctor this week to see if that will interfere with anything.


  2. read the rules bud.
    Olympus labs super pct, don't cycle without it. It's the best IMO. Get some an you'll be glad you did Olympus labs rep

  3. Wow, is Kilo Sports still around?! They were one of my fav PH companies back in the day.

  4. Yes, they are still around. They have a website. Some of their products are export only though, but of course you can find them on ebay.

    It seems their products pre 09 have all been discontinued though.

  5. man kilo sports trenadrol was the best ph/ps i ever took infact i think the gains i got in strength were better than a test/deca run

  6. Quote Originally Posted by stopstalking View Post
    man kilo sports trenadrol was the best ph/ps i ever took infact i think the gains i got in strength were better than a test/deca run
    Yup, those guys were as legit as they come. They had their product called Revolt and it was a clone of the original Generic Labz X-Mass (original LMG) and just as good, if not better. That was the 2nd ever run of LMG I did and it was the best to date!

  7. Thats good to hear!! So I'm assuming that its safe to say that these Kilosports Oxanavar is good to go then.

  8. Hard to say because I haven't heard about anything from Kilo for many years. They were once a GREAT company but I haven't used any of their new line so who knows what direction they went in? The Oxanavar looks to be an EPI clone so just go foward knowing what you're dealing with. Just use the search function and punch in "EPI" and you'll see a ton of threads about it. It's a dry compound and it will shut you down so have your PCT lined up. I prefer bulkers because the bigger, the better!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by respect07 View Post
    I am also on adderall
    Can I haz it


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