Working out while sick on PH

  1. Working out while sick on PH

    So usually I would take a few days and rest up. But I am on my first PH cycle and possibly my only PH cycle. (when I go back to australia it won't be legal).

    Many people have mentioned that anabolics weaken your immune system. So would working out do more damage than good by extending the cold? Or should I just man up and go? What are your experiences?

  2. I hear about this alot and have experienced on a epi cycle. I notice after a warmup run & some caffiene, I'm usually ready to go. So I just worked through it.

    On the other hand, it's said to be a waste because your muscle recovery is hit hard when you're sick because your immune system is already going full blast.

    Also, dose vitamin c high to boost immune system.

  3. i had a really bad fever for about a day and felt like complete crap during my 3rd week of SD/epi. so i just took off three days and let myself recover. i figure 3 days wont make or break the whole cycle, plus im sure my body appreciated it.

  4. I would rest it up for a few more days and then kill that **** when you are feeling a bit better.

  5. I always get sick for a couple of days during any cycle, and this is coming from someone who doesn't get sick often. When I'm down, I'll take 1-2 days off (only if I have body aches) and I dose at half the mg's of what I normally would just to keep it in my system. If you're coughing or sniffling, I'd say get back in the gym. If you have a fever and/or body aches, take a day or two off.



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