ITT post your favorite ph or ds cycle you have ever run.

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    ITT post your favorite ph or ds cycle you have ever run.

    Include results, compound used, pct, and sides.

    I'll start:

    Epi 30/30/30/30
    gained 8 lbs.
    sides: acne
    pct: recycle and primal male


    just saw thread on page 2. Ignore this.

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    1000mg of 4-androstenediol e/d for 4 weeks
    stacked product called decabolen:

    20mg of sd/20mg of pp/50mg of hd for 4 weeks.

    it was my fav and also worst cycle i've ran. got gyno from it, but felt like I was unstoppable in the gym. last week (week 4) started getting back pumps when squatting. that sucked too.

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